Saturday, May 10, 2014


Last year I took a MOOC which was an introduction to the field of General Game Playing (GGP for short), from Coursera (see, which is the study and development of computer game players capable of playing any game defined to them suitably at runtime.

This is very different from development of a player for a specific game (say a chess player or a Go player), and having previously spent some time dabbling with a specific game player for Go, I was interested by this more general challenge.  Since the course, I have continued to develop my GGP player (named 'Sancho'), and more recently been joined by Andrew Rose (who was also a course participant on that first GGP MOOC) as a co-developer of Sancho.  We hope to compete in the world championships later this year.

We decided to start this blog as a way of discussing interesting developments that we've undertaken as part of the ongoing enhancement of Sancho, and periodically we'll be posting about aspects of how it works, and pitfalls we've come across along the way.

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